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OS type and version DEBIAN 10
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5pro
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Hi Guys,

Ok we have a small problem, One of our hosting services requires an independent IP address.

This essentally means that using the shared IP on the server is not an option.

So what I have done up until this point is the following.

I navigated to

Webmin → Networking → Network Configuration

Once in there I clicked on The physical Interface name and once there clicked the link to add a virtual Interface which happened successfully.

I then navigated to

Vitualmin → The server in question → Server Configuration → Change IP Address

Once in there I select Use dedicated address and input the IP address of the virtual interface I added and then moved down to External IP address and input it there as well.

Apply it and wait, once it kicks over the server presents a blank page and presents an SSL error.

Any Ideas why?

Log files are your answer. Also can you screenshot the error.
P.S. are you pinging to the new address?

I can ping the IP address of the new virtual interface I setup. That side of it is fine.

The problem is when I assign it to an actual virtual server that the problem pops up.

So what I will do is enable it again and once it applies I’ll screenshot the error and post it here.

Also what log file should I be looking into for this nugget?

This is the error presented by their website.

It leads me to believe that the SSL certificate is somehow dependent on the IP address. Would that assumption be correct?

ssl are not IP based.

Make sure the DNS is update and resolving to the correct IP. This maybe you computer using the old IP and therefore going to the wrong “virtual server”

Ok I think this matter can be considered resolved, it would seem that after a DNS cache flush and a bit of a wait the server is now serving the website on the correct IP address.

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