Adding Reseller to Webmin group?


I’ve been testing Virtualmin Pro and the reseller feature on Ubuntu 20.04 and it’s working as expected.

As Virtualmin now supports Ubuntu 22.04 I set up a new server from scratch for testing purposes and installed the latest Virtualmin (clean install, no import of old config). However I’m noticing one major difference in its behaviour.

On Ubuntu 20.04 I was able to add a Reseller account to a Webmin group (via Webmin Users). When I do this on Ubuntu 22.04, the account stops being a Reseller account and becomes a normal Webmin user (as far as I can tell). The account disappears from Virtualmin, System Settings, Reseller Accounts, and is no longer shown when you run list-resellers.

Were you never supposed to be able to add Reseller accounts to groups in the first place, and it just “accidentally” worked on 20.04, or is there something else wrong with my config? If you’re not supposed to add Resellers to Webmin Groups, is there a better way to batch-manage available modules and settings (instead of manually per Reseller)?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.2.1 Pro


This isn’t the proper way of adding resellers. You do it from the Virtualmin side of the panel which requires a Pro license.

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We do have a Pro license and are adding the reseller accounts via Virtualmin, System Settings, Reseller Accounts.
However since we have about 20 such accounts, it would be helpful to be able to add them to groups to manage things like “Available Webmin Modules” and the settings for those modules, rather than having to apply the same settings individually for each user. This worked on Ubuntu 20.04, but on 22.04, the accounts stop being reseller accounts when added to a group.

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