Adding IPv6 Support to the server

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I want to make the Server IPv6 ready. My Server is hosted with Contabo and they give me a /64 range of IPv6 addresses. Before I installed Virtualmin, I enabled it.
Now in my Network device I can see my IPv4 address and an IPv6 which looks like:


When I create a new Server, how can I manage it, that for example, Website 2 will use for example:


Like with the 2 on the end? At the moment it can choose:

Shared, on IP 2a02:c308:2038:0274:0000:0000:0000:0001

When I put it manually at 2a02:c308:2038:0274:0000:0000:0000:0002 it says there is no Netwok device available. So I need to create everytime a Network Device?

Thanks a lot for your help

You can setup an IPv6 pool in Virtualmin/Server Templates. In the pull-down list of template options select Virtual IP address and enter the beginning and ending addresses of your range. Then when creating a new virtual server tick Virtual with allocated IP and the next sequential address from the pool will be allocated automatically.

To change a host’s IP go to the Virtualmin/Server Configuration/Change IP page and in the IPv6 section tick Allocate dedicated address.

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