Adding FTP service to a virtual server

When I set up one of my virtual servers, I may have neglected to include FTP service.

Is it possible to add FTP (and SMTP) once the virtual server has been created?



You can edit virtual server and enable ftp.

I do not have an option to enable FTP in Edit Virtual Server, as shown in

Your thoughts?


What does Virtualmin - System Settings - Features & Plugins: show you? Anything for FTP?

When I try to enable ProFTP Virtual Server, I get the following message:

Failed to save enabled features : An error was found in the ProFTPD configuration template : Unix group ftp in Group directive does not exist. This must be fixed by editing the Default Settings on the Server Templates page.

When I click on Show Domains button, it says No virtual servers using the feature ProFTPD virtual FTP were found.

In Edit Server Template, under ProFTPD directives for new servers, the following appears:

ServerName ${DOM}
<Anonymous ${HOME}/ftp>
User ftp
Group ftp
UserAlias anonymous ftp


RequireValidShell off
ExtendedLog ${HOME}/logs/ftp.log

Your thoughts?



See if this helps?

In that post, it is suggested to change Group nogroup to Group nobody.

On my system, Group ftp is shown in the ProFTPD directives for new servers, but when I try to just save, there is a message that Group ftp does not exist.

I created the user ftp and the group ftp…the error disappeared.

I was able to add the ProFTP virtual server to one of my domains, but when i try to enable ProFTP on the other domains on the system, I get the message

Failed to modify server : A ProFTPD virtual server with the same IP address already exists

I’m wondering if I should delete the ProFTP module and reinstall it?