Adding folders on other virtual servers to ftp-user

is there a way to add several virtual servers to one ftp-user account…like now user has website access to vserver a

would like (grafic designer) add several more websites (virtual servers) to this account?

Thank you

This isn’t an answer to your actual question - sorry. :frowning:

My personal opinion is the graphic designer should add the additional accounts to their ftp client. It’s been a while since I’ve used ftp for any real work, but even back then ws-ftp and filezilla had easy account management. This would have the added benefit of the designer not accidentally overwriting files in the wrong site.

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thx noisemarine!

Will do it that way then. On cPanel making an ftp accouint work for some reason was always a real PITA (though looked easy), bec for some reason cPanel would not let the created account access the server.
Somethinbg blocking.
Hope this is better with VM, then creating multiple accounts would be a good way.

Thx again

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