Adding a new VPS to Virtualmin

Hi there,

I have a question, I could get a US VPS for a good price and I was thinking getting it. My question at the moment is, how I can BIND it.
At the moment I have just one production server. I put the Glue-Records ( and to the IP-Address to my first server. I created in Virtualmin a new v-Server with the domain and everything was getting created and it’s working fine.
With the new server I can’t create the domain, because everything is already on my first server. My question at the moment is, can I use my first server to manage all the DNS stuff or should I better create new nameservers like and for it. I also have a small VPS available which I actually just use for wireguard VPN, does it make maybe more sense to use this one as well just for the nameserver part?

Thanks a lot

You cant have resolve dns on two different servers.

One can have the other something like

A domains dns record is also usually only retreived from a single nameserver…it doesnt matter where that nameserver is, as long as its a registered one and is referred to in the domains dns records.

If you are wanting to use your first server bind dns, and have set the new domain to use bind dns in virtualmin, you will need ro ensure the automatic dns nameserver record is changed to point at

Might this work?


I use Cloudflare. Just point the domains to your IP and you are all done.

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