Add server owners to Unix group owners

It would be cool to have an option in Server Template to automatically add server owners (only) to a specific group. If all owners were members in some group I could make Usermin module restrictions based on that group. So I would have different modules in use for mail users and server owners.

There is on option “Default Unix group for domain owners” but I believe that is for changing the group of the domain owner user. Anyway I tried that also but it didn’t work in my server. Nothing happened. I created group owners and tried it but still domain owner had the same group as user name and owners group didn’t get any new members. Is this a bug?<br><br>Post edited by: matti, at: 2007/07/23 09:12

Hi Matti,

  1. Don’t mess with “Default Unix group for domain owners”. It is not what you should be changing to achieve group-based access restriction. Look at point 2 below.

  2. To add all server administrators to a 2nd user group by default, go to

> Virtualmin > System Settings > Module Config > Server Administrator Permissions > Add all server administrations to Unix group

Thanks for the tip. I was looking precisely that option but couldn’t find it anywhere. Now I can do Usermin module restrictions if I want. I new the “Default Unix group for domain owners” option wasn’t the right one and I know what it is for but still I wonder why it didn’t work at all. The default policy obviously is to add apache user as a member to domain usergroup and I think that is the best policy because you don’t have to ever give 777 permissions to your files. Of course suexec resolves that more elegantly.


I purposely didn’t want to mention how to enable* “Add server owners to Unix group owners” because it is not the right way to add server administrators to a 2nd user group. The correct way is point 2 in my earlier post.

  • CAUTION TO OTHER USERS: DON’T CHANGE “Default Unix group for domain owners”. For info sake, to enable it, go to Module Config and tick ‘Allow selection of different group for server admins?’.