Add roundcube to default script installers

OS type and version: Ubuntu Linux 20.04.3
Webmin version: 1.981
Virtualmin version: 6.17 Pro
Roundcube version: 1.50

I’m trying to add roundcube to the list of automatically installed scripts when creating a new domain/host.

Virtualmin - System Settings - Server Templates - Default script installers

Script=roundcube (selected from dropdown list)
URL Path=/roundcube
Database name: This is where I’m stuck. I’m not sure what to do here. I tried roundcube, but that failed. I have it set currently to $(USER)_roundcube.

Is that the correct way to have it install the correct database?

I’ve scoured these forums, and Google as well, but never found an exact match to my problem. Any help would be appreciated.

$(USER) is not a substitution variable. It will literally be “$(USER)_roundcube”.

The variable for username is ${USER}.

Ok so the DB name should be: ${USER}_roundcube to install it properly?

Why would you want a new roundcube install for each domain? Sounds like a maintenance nightmare…

Not everyone is tech savvy enough to know how to check their emails. So if roundcube is installed by default, they have instant access to the domains primary emails, and if they (or have me) create any new users with emails, they have quick access to it all.

It’s not a nightmare at all.

But you would need to manually keep all those installations up to date.
Why not just have one install, and point webmail.domain to that one? :slight_smile:

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Hi, for what it is worth. I used to have a central roundcube that all domains used. All user accounts use IMAP so Roundcube can accept any domain hosted on your server. Roundcube’s plugin process is awkward to say at least (useless) and I didnt want the setup to float everywhere.

Later when I procured Pro license. The install script is nice, domain owners can install Roundcube (or admin) you also get a notification if there is a newer version, where it is installed and what is going on. For the few dollars Pro license costs per month versus time spent on updating XX installations - worth it.

Alright. I appreciate all the input. I’ll have too look into it more, and decide which way I want to one. But one RoundCube install is sounding like the best way to go. Thanks.

Personally I find that much easier to manage at least :slight_smile:

It’s also really easy considering the webmail.domain redirect already exists, just change it.

Ok, setting it up, but I’m a little confused. On
VirtualMin - Email Settings - Spam and Virus Scanning
There’s no Allow mailbox users to configure procmail (according to the page you linked, I need to change this)

EDIT: Never mind, I’m guessing with the newest version of VirtualMin, all of that is already setup. I just tested it with each of my domains, and they all were able to log into their webmail. It’s not Roundcube, but it works for my purposes. Thanks for all the help and answers.

The native webmail is pretty good (, can also be tweaked individually and it will also show their domain if that is important :grinning:

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