Add Physical System

I am trying to add a Virtualmin instance to a fresh Cloudmin for physical servers install on a fresh CentOS 6.3 install. CLoudmin is on different physical hardware the the Virtualmin install. The Virtualmin install is a CentOS 6.3 Xen guest. I do not need Cloudmin to create new Xen guests, I can do that using virt-clone or the like. When I try to add the virtualmin system to cloudmin I get:
Checking SSH login …
… SSH connection failed : (The authenticity of host ‘[HostIP]:port ([HostIp]:Port)’ can’t be established. RSA key fingerprint is XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Are you sure you want to continue connec)? yes Warning: Permanently added ‘[HostIP]:Port’ (RSA) to the list of known hosts. grep: /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf: Permission denied grep: /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf: Permission denied grep: /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf: Permission denied uid=500(jmillican) gid=500(jmillican) groups=500(jmillican),0(root),29(rpcuser),32(rpc) HOSTNAME <> OK )
on the host machine is see in the log:
Dec 5 11:13:10 thebe sshd[22095]: Accepted publickey for jmillican from port xxxx ssh2
Dec 5 11:13:10 thebe sshd[22097]: Received disconnect from disconnected by user
So, the ssh key is getting accepted but Cloudmin is disconnecting for some reason. I have tested ssh from the cloudmin box to the virtualmin box using the same user and key and it connects perfect.

Then I tried checking Do not attempt SSH login and I get:
Checking Webmin login …
… Webmin login failed : Connection failed (RPC error : Invalid user for RPC)
I have added the user I am using to the sudoers file and have add to the root,rpc, and rpocuser groups.

Does this give any clues as to what I am doing wrong?

i have same problem and i dont know what to do :confused:

any solution?

I have the same problem as well. Been driving me mad trying to get it to work. But have had no success.

Anyone have a solution?