Add MX Record from external domain appends my domain name

OS type and version Debian Buster
Webmin version Latest Pro
Virtualmin version Latest Pro
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Okay so after figuring out I likely cannot get my email to work due to port 25 closure from my ISP I’ve decided to use a mail handler service I finally found one at a decent rate.

server setup my computer domain lets call it is the original domain setup with it I have a virtual server of but it is a Master Domain of

Well I need to stop handling mail if I can’t get mail due to the blocked port.

I can enter the txt records needed to update my domain SPF and DKIM and they checkout just fine.

However when I enter my MX records things run afoul.

So I leave the name field blank and it enters automatically.

So I go and enter it manually edit the record and it shows up as and I can delete it and it saves.

However when I do a record check it shows up like this: 10

So not only is it adding against my will my domain as the name which isn’t such a big deal the real problem it is adding my domain at the end of it combined with my new mail server and I cannot even manually edit it off it just decides that is what it wants to do and I don’t quite understand how to a an FQDN that is not my domain as a mail record I am likely missing something simple I’d bet but it doesn’t function as things normally function and I think it adds to confusion a manual edit should in theory allow me to fix this but for whatever reason it adds my domain at the end no matter if I don’t add it it forces it upon me. Why does this operate in a manner that doesn’t seem normal is there anyway to update the software to put an option to add a domain outside of your network for a mail record or something that does not inject your domain into the mix. It would be good if this was a standard it would eliminate confusion.

End fully qualified domains with a .

e.g. mail.domain.tld.

Er, wait, but that’s only on the left side. I don’t think I understand what you’re seeing. You shouldn’t need to do anything to give a different domain on the right side of the MX record. It is optional and won’t add anything or change it.

The period did the trick. Man my ISP is awesome but closing port 25 with no notification is a bit shady imho. Now I have to use a mail host but ahhh well I guess it is what it is.

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