Add Extra Administrator globally atop from virtual sites


Is there a way to add a user with access only to virtualmin and some modules of webmin ?

I need to give a user a limited user account, this user should only manage virtualmin (create\delete virtual sites\users and services configuration ) it shouldnt manage the local machine ( yum update \ hardware configuration )

I’m trying to move a user from a bluequartz\blueonyx appliance to CentOS 6 + virtualmin.

thanks in advance.

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Well, it sounds like the features you’er after there are what a Reseller could do… and the reseller feature is only available in Virtualmin Pro.

So, you could add an additional admin account to a specific Virtual Server, which could manage domains just belonging to that one account. Or you could add an additional Master Admin, can can manage everything.

But to have a Reseller, who can add new top-level Virtual Servers, but not perform other admin tasks – you’d need Virtualmin Pro for that :slight_smile: