Add a second Server to Domain

**OS type and version:**Debian 10
**Webmin version:**1.981
**Virtualmin version:**6.17

Hi community, I want to add a second Server with Virtualmin to my domain. My Domain is:
How can I add a second Server to this domain?
At the moment this domain is configured on my first server.
To add the second server do I need to create another virtual server with the domain or should I create there a virtual server like

Thanks a lot for your help

You can either create a new virtual server as (new/different domain) or a new virtual server as a sub domain of existing domain as in - you can also create an alias new domain that will point to existing virtual domain. It depends what you want to do, there are some options here.

Hello Whoops,

Thanks a lot for your answer. As far as I understand on the new server I put one as as the primary domain? In my current DNS settings I’ll point the secondary entries to the new secondary server? I have tried that already out and it works as expected, just want to be sure that’s the correct way to do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Before you start to create/add new virtual servers. You need to ensure your ‘master’ domain is setup OK and has got nameservers right/responding accordingly. Your primary domain may be and system hostname as in with nameservers e.g. and Your new virtual server that you create will then pull in the nameservers and other configs automatically. You say it works as expected so you must have done this already and all good.

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