Add a "Output from journalctl…" in System Logs Viewer

OS type and version Debian 12
Webmin version 2.105
Virtualmin 7.8.2
Postifx 3.7.6

I’d like to a add a new journalctl type element to the System Logs Viewer list which already contains some (from fresh install of virtualmin with the script), like “Output from journalctl --lines 100 -p debug…info”.
syslog or rsyslog are not installed on this system. I suppose it’s the reason why the Add a new system log button is not rendered, but the existing journalctl type elements work fine…
In my case, I would like to add “journalctl -u postfix@-.service”. Is there a way to add it to the existing list, one way or another ? Editing a file writable as root would be ok.

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You are aware that if you change the code of Virtualmin it will be overwritten by the next version? Possibly such a change should be a suggestion in “Blu skies” category?

are you aware that this is not possible? speak to debian devs/folks to implement this - not virtualmin as it has nothing to do with it. I give you hint - it will not happen for you. Topic solved - closed.

I’m sorry. I did’nt know that this topic was that hot… I thought it was possible because the list contains 7 journalctl items, after the installation of Virtualmin and i supposed that there was some genericity in the implementation, even if the functionality was not exposed through the gui.

Hello Stegan, thank you for your waning. I’m aware of it. It may meet my needs (not limited the postfix use case), depending on the entanglement between the patch and the original code.
Thank you for the Blue Skies suggestion too. I’ll take a look.

Man, what? Why are you coming into every thread looking for a fight?

It’s absolutely possible, it’s a good idea, and it has nothing to do with Debian.

It’s fine here. No reason to talk about it in two places. Folks are being unnecessarily weird about everything and I don’t know why. This is a good idea. Or, at least, I think there is need for more/better journal support in the log viewer. I think I’d rather set it in the form of a better UI for querying the journal rather than having a fixed set of queries, even user-definable queries.

e.g. if the form allowed choosing from any available unit (in a dropdown, perhaps), and the priority that’d get you what you’re after pretty quickly.

Thank you Joe ! It would be great to manage the list though the UI. Having a list of available units would be very helpfull in the sense that it would not require to know/remember which command to invoke and open a terminal or switch forth an back between the The System Logs Viewer to the Command Shell form.
Considering the “dropdown” implementation, it seems very comfortable, at first sight. But the number of items in the menu could be a limitation, in terms of usability. For instance, on the server’s system concerned by my post, “journalctl --field _SYSTEMD_UNIT | wc -l” returns “453”. Of course, the units could be filtered but it raises the question “Which are the pertinent filters ?” not to mention the coding extra-work.
So, the easiest/quickest way could be a field the user has the ability/responsibility to fill with an valid unit value… Much like the View log file field.

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