Account Plans: my two cents

It took me some minutes to understand what has changed, but then I realized this is a very welcome one.

Basically I “could” use just one server template and several account plans, if it weren’t for one thing: Plugin limits (Mailman and SVN) are still to be set in the Plugin page in the server templates, but it would be nicer to have those in the Account Plans instead.

Another thing: I like that you can now apply an Account Plan to an existing domain. However, this only applies limits and no "allowed virtual server features" nor "allowed capabilities". It would be nice if also those would be applied when clicking "save and apply" or applying when editing a virtual server.

And now a question: I am configuring AWBS to finall have some decent billing system in place. Does the scission of server templates and account plans affect the API? E.g. could this have broken AWBS now?

I am successfully using WHMCS as the billing app and provisioning of the server.
The account plans in VM do not brake the WHMCS modules nor their functionality.

I do not know about awbs but whmcs at least still works perfect.

good to hear!
i hope to finally get through that this weekend… i really need to bite myself in the ass for setting this up so slowly… should spend time setting it up instead of manually doing billing and shit :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know awbs but in whmcs it took me 10 minutes to get invoices going. all it took was setting up the hosting plans…

yeah i basically have to set up prices for the domain name endings and most of all i want to create my own template for it and i still didnt dive into it, cause im a lazy ass. look, i dont even use 's :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s actually a good question. It does add the new “–plan” option to the API, and the old --template has less meaning (since it doesn’t carry the plan stuff with it). I’m not sure how heavily AWBS and WHMCS rely on the --template option, and if it requires updates to call plans. The usage is identical, it’s just a different keyword. So, if it does require changes, the changes should be trivial.