account broken after apache bench testing

I used apache bench to stress test a Drupal site on my linode Debian squeeze 64 bit VPS. The website broke. You could view it but as soon as try to log in, and browser collects cookies, you get white screen of death on all pages.

Restoring backed up database and code did not fix the problem. Restarting Apaching, and rebooting VPS did not solve the problem.

Deleting the entire Virtualmin and Webmin account & associated data in Webmin & Virtualmin, recreating it with new username, and putting back the Drupal website’s code & database (restored from the same backups) solved the problem.

Any suggestions about what was happening here?


I suspect the issue isn’t related to your testing – there may have been a looming problem that came out around that same time.

What error(s) are you seeing in your error logs for that Virtual Server?

You can see the logs in $HOME/logs/error_log.


I deleted the account :-/ so no account logs. Nothing in the log. But I can say that other websites worked after the problem.

Nothing in apache log apart from segmentation error which I do not understand. A complete deletion of code and database and restore did not fix it, but it did after the account was deleted and replaced. Linode say disks on the VPS are healthy.

Maybe there is something unconnected, which I will never find out.

Possible that the bench test created too many log entries and quota exceeded.

Thanks for the pointer. I have now found Webmin’s log rotation and set a max size of 100k.