Accessibility of Virtualmin's UI for folks with disabilities as you continue to improve the UI

Hi, folks:
I’m writing again (it’s been quite a while) to let you folks know that once again, I’m back using Virtualmin.
I just have some concerns about your future development and ongoing UI changes.
Hopefully in an effort to update the UI you folks don’t accidentally start doing things like:
Not labeling form controls, using special graphical buttons that no screen reader is capable of accessing, etc.
Does anyone like Joe and such have thoughts on this?
I’m finally coming back to you folks after having fun with too many server control panel solutions.
I’d just hate to see the UI suddenly become unuseable somehow and then I’d be stuck trying to utilize something that I think is still one of the coolest control panels for sure.
You have a far better interface currently, than cPanel.
I hope you do not dooplicate the cPanel X theme, in any case.
it’s a bad one from a screen reader perspective.
links repeating twice, using “same page” links followed by the graphical link and both do the same things, etc.
That’s just an example of how cPanel did their stuff for screen readers and such.
I hope you folks keep the install scripts interface around.
Currently you folks have radio buttons (and all of those work well) etc in that interface.
Development is good. But far too much in terms of fancy efforts to make Virtualmin’s interface more “visually appealing” and it’s just possible, that somehow you’ll make some coding change and then you’d have a subset of users unable to utilize your control panel from the keyboard etc.
I’d like to hear a bit more about what you folks are considering doing development wise.
And specificly I want to insure that you folks continue to do whatever you can to insure that anybody (weather or not they use a screen reader ) continues to be able to use the UI as development continues.
Take care.


There’s no need to worry… any changes would be to make the interface better, not worse :slight_smile:

We don’t have specifics now on design plans, but accessibility has always been important, and that wouldn’t go away just because the user interface is being made more visually appealing.