Access forbined

I have a box with multi domains I currently try setup just two so I can the hand on how this works

they bothe at /srv/www/htdos/web/websight1 and websight2

I did simple creating of virtual directoris with default configuratation

they both come up with access forborbined
You don not have permmision or directory read permission or index does not exit

index does exist and directory has rwx permisioons

Why /srv? Virtualmin defaults to /home, because that’s where users live, and Virtualmin manages users. But, it should still work in /srv, as long as you’ve configured it correctly.

It probably is a permissions issue. The Apache user (whatever user that is) needs to be able to reach the directory and read the files within it. On Linux systems, Virtualmin can add Apache to the group of the newly created virtual server, which insures it has access to the public_html directory of the user. If this is Solaris or FreeBSD, I don’t believe that’s an option, so permissions on home directories and the path all the way up to the document root can never be tighter than 751.

The only problem is I tryed copy to /home/website same error

and I can not seem to install virtualamin …
I have download the file ran instal…sh it told me it is cortrect but when I login to webamin there is no virtualmin I can not seem to find anywhere

please help

Slow down frank. You’re confusing lots of issues. So if you don’t have Virtualmin, how can you have virtual hosts? Did you set them up in Webmin? Webmin and Virtualmin are not the same, at all…so we need to know what you’re trying to do. If you want to run Virtualmin, then it’d be stupid to spend a bunch of time trying to make a website work before you get Virtualmin installed correctly.

I have download the file ran it told me it is cortrect but when I login to webamin there is no virtualmin I can not seem to find anywhere

What do you mean it told you it was correct? The script actually ran to completion and you don’t see Virtualmin immediately upon logging into Webmin (when Virtualmin is installed via it enables the Virtualmin Framed Theme, which makes Virtualmin a core part of the UI–you don’t have to find the module…it’s always visible). But I’m guessing did not work for you (possibly because you’re trying to install on an unsupported OS–Virtualmin GPL is only automatically installable on CentOS 4/5 and Debian 4.0 at this time).

You’d probably be well-served by telling us what OS and version you’re trying to install on, so I stop trying to guess.

Sorry let start with OS SUSe 10.3

then I tryed to created a virtual directory using webamin in apache server
I point to /home/web/website

no specail configuratation just default

Then I tryed to instal virtalmin hope it might be easyer to create a virtaul directory.

I download the files including and it toold me it was succeful

I now understand from another posting I can not install virtalmin that way …

I would mind geting virtulim to work but at this point I just woul like to get the webmin part to work what every is easyer to you to example please be easy on the steps I very new to linux

Thanks you in advance for the help

the steps are described on the documentation page. see link above and below.
you need a clean install of the OS and then install virtualmin/webmin GPL or PRO.

I was new to linux too, however I installed the OS and webmin at least 20 times before I understood what I was doing -> going the trial and error road <- until I got understanding of it and it went flawlessly.
And I read the documentation over and over again…