Access folder (locally or LAN) is denied

First of all, sorry about my english.

I have installed Virtualmin to run only in my local network (without any external access). For me it’s an amazing tool to organize my work.

So, what I need, by default, is to have access to any folder created (when creating virtual servers AND/OR sub virtual servers). I tried accessing on my Ubuntu machine and other machine (my workstation running XP) and my access is denied.

Thanks in advance.

[]'s from Brazil


The virtual server owner account has access to all directories within his home (/home/domainname), by default. Assuming he has a shell that permits FTP and/or ssh logins, he should already have what you want.

Other user accounts (created in Mail and FTP Users) might have different access, though they should still have access to group readable/writable files within anything in /home/domainname/*. It is possible to limit FTP logins to only their home directory, but we don’t configure it this way, by default.

When you say, “access is denied”, do you mean you can’t login at all? If so, you’ll need to be more specific about how you’re trying to login (ssh, FTP, something else?) and what related errors you see in the relevant logs (depends on your OS, but possibly /var/log/secure and /var/log/messages).

Joe, thanks for the attention.

Well, I’ll have all the stuff in /home/work/www (ex.: /home/work/www/domain_name/public_html).

So, I have the directory /home/work/www shared in Samba to access directly from other machine on the network (running XP, where I have Dreamweaver, etc…). Since this is for personal use only, to manage better with virtual servers and testing purposes, I need to have access to all the directories under /home/work/www, and when I try to access any directory under /home/work/www I have this message of access denied.

Thanks in advance,

Giving more details, the directories (of each virtual server) are only visualized on the server running sudo nautilus.

I’m having a similar problem. I can access a samba share (/home/foo) but no sub folders (/home/foo/bar).

Why can’t I access these folders? Is it because the folders are owned by the server owner? But accessing as root, shouldn’t I have read/write access anyway?

I don’t have any other problems with samba shares, just the ones that contain virtual server directories created in Virtualmin.

Is there something I’m missing here? Thanks in advance.