About a REAL Newby Forum setup

Hello People

What we need here is a REAL Newby/Newby forum section … :-{
I did say a year ago that when I got it all to go that I would write a special info/faq file for such people as me.
I still haven’t got past “GO” with the system myself yet … but I will.

Having spent many years in 3rd world countries training people in the REALLY strange vagaries of Western commerce, the problems are identical. This will be easier by far, but as always it is a problem of primary communication and finding the IASP: initial agreed starting point. Difficult when the language is not common and the social context isn’t either! :slight_smile:

It does come as a shock to many Nerds and devotees of computer esoterica that the rest of the world has no interest at all in what is under the bonnet/hood - we just want to go from A 2 B. 8-0

The Webmin/Vmin combo is amazing - especially as the D&D crew is only about 50 people! :-)… and the only real lack I see as a loooooong term computer-user-non-hacker is a non-hacker FAQ or Help file.

Perhaps a new forum title like: REAL Newby Forum?
Even the Newby forum here is pretty esoteric for the most part.
Mebbe a little scripting from the House could put in a script from our own resources to create a special FAQ?

Or am i a lone non-hacker voice in the wilderness ??? :slight_smile:

Hi people,
It strikes me that looking round more of the subjects/sub-forums that people here are mainly serious and after a specific answer and that not a lot of interaction between users goes on - nothing like other support Boards I am sadly - regularly on.
Probably because of the solid programs involved here!

But, often it is because other users don’t feel expert enough, or tend to leave it to Monitors - especially if there are active ones, like here, with Joe and his large staff…

We really could do with a good basic beginners forum for those trying to leave Shared Hosting and - let it be said - the cossetting of WHM/Cpanel.

The money that these boys deserve for their work CAN only come from being able to be truly commercial.
(NB and avoiding Venture capital like a plague - it is)
The sales pitch can only be pitched at the NUMBERS end:
knock off WHM/CPanel which this system is rapidly approaching being able to do!

We can help it get there by helping the support structure grow from here.

  1. Get a GOOD new user FAQ started based on recruiting experienced users (not experts, just "been there" people)
    as Moderators.

  2. The whole Vmin-based install process is now VERY impressive and is almost market ready. It is the initial hand-holding that is important and avoiding Support answering the same questions over and over.
    HINT: In the Vmin scripts are some good starters! :slight_smile:

The default install is pretty comprehensive, but there are questions that are hard to get the answers to - even in the voluminous docs.

Some examples I’ll post in the next message.

Himagain -

Hi, people! (addressing large crowd gathered…)

On another Site with REAL problems of product install/operation(!!) I read of this - coming highly recommended:
Open source n’ all - no wheel reinventing needed! :slight_smile:

Might make the Webmin/Vmin support a little less 365/8/24.