A wonder!

Hi there!

Looks right now there are 395 updates to system packages are available.

Is it safe to update all of these packages?

I’m terrified that one can destroy something, what do you think, you who are more knowledgeable than I am?



Well, now would be a fantastic time to verify all your backups.

Also, we recommend having a test system you can use that has a similar setup to your live server.

I know not everyone has a second server available, though what I do myself is use VirtualBox. That’s something that could be setup on your desktop, and using that, you could setup a Virtual Machine running the same distribution as your production server.

Once you have a test system setup in Virtualbox, you could then test things such as updates in it, before running them on your live server.

All that said – it’s usually very safe to run package updates. CentOS 6.6 just came out, and the updates you’re seeing are for that.


Thank you, I keep my fingers crossed that nothing happens ;-))


Just upgraded two boxes this morning. Couldn’t have been smoother! Both rebooted fairly quickly and so far I can’t see anything not working. Sites are up and running.

If your talking about Centos 6.5 to 6.6 it went fine for me as well.