A Virtualmin single domain license?

Howdy all,

I am building the new shop for the new website, and recently a couple of folks have asked for a Virtualmin single domain license–even 10 domains is more than they need. I’m contemplating adding such an option to the new store, and I wanted to make sure I’m not complicating things just for the sake of a tiny minority of users.

So, first up, I’ll mention that the new store will offer VPS license pricing in addition to dedicated server license pricing that we currently offer–so, if you’re running on a tiny non-dedicated system, you’ll get Virtualmin Professional cheaper (and for folks already running Virtualmin Professional on VPS systems, you’ll get some license “gifts” to make sure you get the same deal as new buyers for these systems). This is kind of orthogonal, but a lot of the folks wishing for a cheaper single domain license are using it on VPS systems.

What I want to know is: Would you be interested in a Virtualmin single domain license, if it cost, say, $98 (or $68 for a VPS)? We can’t go dramatically cheaper than the Virtualmin 10 license, as we’re already not making much money on those sales, by the time support and maintenance is factored in.

Now that VM2 is about to go live, I can visualize a lot of use cases where one might want to have a a single virtual server per “site”, and not share in Virtualmin, at all. So, it’s beginning to make more sense to have a Virtualmin license that allows that.

Thoughts? Pricing is still up in the air, and so opinions there are welcome…but remember that we are trying to make a little money on this thing, rather than lose money on every sale. :wink: