A Strange Problem

I just had a strange problem and I’m don’t know how to keep it from recurring in the future. First, I noticed that I was unable to log in to one of my Wordpress sites and was unable to upload any files. I discovered that my server disk space was full because one of the Virtualmin error files for one of the domains had grown to 36 GB in a couple of hours. Since it would take hours to download and view the file, I deleted it and rebooted the server. After a few minutes, I checked to see if the file had grown back. I found, instead, a file marked com_error. This file type usually refers to a .com domain. This one is .net. It was about 150 kb. It was filled with multiple entries stating that the index file for the domain had an undefined variable (play_url) on line 32. There is no line 32 and that isn’t a variable that is used. When I looked again, that file had disappeared, and the regular error file showed 0 B. Has anyone encountered anything like this? How would I fix it? Thanks!

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