A lot of my domains point to same domain

**OS type and version: Ubuntu Linux 20.04.2
**Webmin version: 1.981
**Virtualmin version: 6.16

I have problem when create new virtual servers, 8/10 of my domain are being redirect to 1 domain(i think it the default domain in Virtualmin)
Everytime i access http or https://domain1.com it will be redirect to http or https://domain-default.com

I have not make any tweak or change anything in Webmin or Virtualmin Config.

After checked the DNS record i found that there is no A record for domain, not sure why was that?
And the domain domain.com was added a suffix like: domain.com .xn–us-2ca => this is the problem

Go to Webmin/Servers/Apache Webserver and under Existing virtual hosts, make sure the domains you’re having problems with have both ports 80 and 443 opened and with the same IP address. If not, delete server (domain) and re-install. There may be other suggestions, but this is how I fixed this issue a couple of weeks ago.

In my case, its the DNS problem

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