A Big Thank You to Joe

I messed up the install of virtualmin through my own errors and wasted days trying to get it working. When I asked for support Joe offered to go into my server and fix things up for me. I’d made a real mess and he must have spent quite a few hours over the weekend fixing it for me. Everything is fine now and I want to say a big thanks to Joe for his great support and tolerance of my stupidity.

Mike Gibbons

Thanks for the kind words Mike. We’re happy to help.

And, to be clear to everyone reading: Mike is not stupid…merely the victim of following various conflicting pieces of advice on these fine Internets that we all call home, which led to a few rather complicated to correct problems in his installation.

It’s the blessing and the curse of Open Source software (Mike started with Virtualmin GPL): Lots of people have an opinion on the right way to do things, and very few of them are exactly the same. When it comes to a system as complex as a full Virtualmin stack (with all of its various packages) following any two pieces of advice can lead to many forms of broken. The kicker is that both pieces of advice can be “right” and would work fine in isolation, but put them together, and conflicts can arise. It’s a hard life. :wink: