5 IPs - One un-managed server - Setup question???

Ok so I am partly up and running. Jere is my situation and what I am wanting to do. I purchased a dedicated un-managed server at a good price but its un-managed. Im a newbie. I did it because all of the hosting cos have not delivered so im tinkering. Also just want to have fun seeing if I can do it.

OK so I have 5 IPs they gave me. GBit connection 1TB of disk space 16gb memory. They installed Centos 7. I installed VirtualMin and I have all the software I need. I configured the first IP with my main domain name and everything works great for the mail ftp web server. Its working great.

I want the first ip to be for the website of t the organization and basically just handle mail ftp and web.

I want the 2nd ip to be for a Minecraft Server running a Spigot server with Multicraft. (This is a youth organization)

The 3rd ip will be for a Red5 RTMP server for audio/video chat and streaming

So I wanted to break up the server into separate virtual servers with their separate ip addresses and I thought I could do that with VirtualMin.

The first is doing fine. I bought a domain for the Minecraft and MultiCraft server and had the name servers point to the 2nd ip. Ive set up the virtual server and the virtual network interface and waited for hours but still cant get any kind of connection to the 2nd ip. Checking various testing sites the domain is pretty well propogated and is linked to the ip fine. When I got the firsst ip i was able to ssh into the ip almost immediatly (like within an hour but the domain name took a day) But I have ttried to ssh into just the ip wih the main user with ALL privileges in VirtualMin for the virtual server I created and it just times out every time. The web page domain name times out too but so does the ip if you put the ip in the web browser.

So I have read tons of tutorials on all of this and I cant figure out how to set the server up to use 3 ip addresses on one server. So any help generally how to set up VirtualMin to do this would be great. Thanks.

Are the other IP addresses actually up on your server? Virtualmin can assign them to your domains, but I believe it expects them to be configured and active already.

You can use the Webmin->Networking->Network Configuration->Network Interfaces page for configuring that, if they aren’t already up.

There’s documentation for that module here: http://doxfer.webmin.com/Webmin/Network_Configuration

Note that there is no real “propagation time” for changing network interfaces. There is nothing to propagate, as all the changes are local to the server itself. DNS has propagation time because other DNS servers may have cached old information. But, you can know immediately if you’ve got the network configuration right, because it’ll work or it won’t.

Also note you’d just need virtual interfaces. You don’t need whole new interfaces (though their configuration looks kinda like a whole new interface, it’ll not need routing/gateway, etc.

There’s a sort of hidden form in Webmin to do that slightly more easily. Just click on the name of your main interface (eth0, or whatever), and then click on “Add virtual interface” near the bottom of the form. That’ll allow creation of eth0:1, eth0:2, etc.

Thanks for the feedback. This is where Im a little fuzzy. If you mean ready as in available from the company I bought the bare metal unmanaged server from - they gave me a range of 5 usable ips. When I do a trace on each of the ips it shows the trace going to the server in the city where they are located. If you men in Virtual min. then it should be. I went into interfaces and created a virtual interface. Im going to look through the link and see if I missed something. Thanks.

Im thinking that I didnt do this right. I dont know anything about network setup. Theres a lot in there and I thought VirtualMin automatically set everything up by going through the dd virtual server process so Ill read through what you gave me but I dont understand a lot of what I see here.

SOLVED OK thanks so much for the info. It WAS the interface. I added virtual interface like you said and now it connects. I didnt know you needed a NEW interface for every IP address. Thanks!!!