403 when creating virtual host

Hello people, first of all, I think you make a really good job with virtualmin :slight_smile:
Now I have a small issue. I installed on my server Ubuntu server 14.04, right after that, Virtualmin gpl. Everything went fine, I then used your guide to store virtualmin users in ldap (outdated but I managed, would be awesome to have a new one ^^), just no email aliases, was not working (can’t add the misc schema, and don’t know how to do on cli), but not big deal.

Also I let cloudflare manage my DNS.

I created a virtual server, was all good, ssh, ftp, everything is working, but there is 1 problem:by default /home/userName is chmod 660, same for public_html (but for this one I found how to change the default chmod), so I get this error:
“access to / denied (filesystem path ‘/home/userName/public_html’) because search permissions are missing on a component of the path”

So if I change manually the chmod it works, but it’s not convenient, and I guess there might be something wrong. It’s not that I would add new virtual servers everyday, but I like to have things working properly ^^

If you have a solution, thanks ^^

PS: And it’s a bit frustrating, because it was working fine last week when I first tested, but I re-installed everything to have a clean install, and now it’s not working anymore ^^

Sorry, was not 660 but 750 for the chmod by default ^^
I re-installed and tried to create without ldap, but just normal unix users, and it was working, I guess something went wrong with LDAP, I’ll try to figure out :slight_smile:

It;s very frustrating, it was working, because of many tests I re-installed my server, and now can’t make it work again, I don’t even know why it was working before… That would be really good if you could update your LDAP guide :slight_smile:
(Or maybe you don’t update it because it doesn’t work well anymore…)

edit: dammit, I wrote this and found the solution right after, I had missed the line “edit the /etc/ldap.conf file, find the nss_initgroups_ignoreusers line and remove www-data from it.”

But an update would still be awesome, especially for mail aliases :stuck_out_tongue: