403 Apache forbidden

I created a new Virtualmin virtual server but also show You don’t have permission to access / on this server. I am crazy already. I search Internet but there is no answer. Could anyone teach me how can I solve it?


This is completely normal. The reason you are seeing “403 error” is because the folder “public_html” does NOT have an index file (index.html, index.php, etc).

Yeah that is one of the boo boos that happens, does that sort it for you Jimmy Tam :slight_smile:

I do not you believed you searched the internet.


Jimmy.tam, you have a Virtualmin Pro license – note that we’d be happy to help you out in the support tracker if you like (you can access that by clicking the “Support” link above).

However, note that you may receive a Forbidden message if there isn’t yet a website uploaded into the public_html folder.

It’s possible the issue is just a matter of uploading your website (or creating a new one).


not sure if it related, I had this issue when migrating websites and it turned out to be .httaccess file, tested by deleting and I could see my site again, it’s a quick to see if it the culprit.