3rd party scripts


I decided to finally set up my own VPS on digitalocean.
While I don’t mind fiddling with Linux, amount of time for me to get know it in a way to be comfortable in setting up / migrating my blogs is not an option. So I set up Zpanel but I found that it has too much problems, I almost gave up until I stumbled across another post about Virtualmin.
Wow, I couldn’t believe my own eyes.
All that I need is there presented in a simple way.

Now, all was fine until I wanted to install ajaxexplorer and wordpress I noticed that scripts are available only in commercial version which costs too much for my hobby.

Is there 3rd party scripts repository?
I saw there is a lot of 3rd party scirpts in Zanel forum. But when I tried to find one for Virtualmin I found none.
Or if there are none, is there a way to buy Ajaxeplorer and Wordpress scripts?



Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to buy individual scripts.

The GPL version previously didn’t come with any scripts, though it has a handful now. Unfortunately, that handful doesn’t include the one’s you’re after :slight_smile:

You may just need to ask someone for a hand in migrating your WordPress blog… as once WordPress is setup, it’s not difficult to manage and keep up to date.

It’s pretty straight forward to install WordPress though… there’s instructions for that here:


The AjaxExplorer app is even simpler to install… the instructions for it are here:


I recommend the “Manual” installation method – but it’s a very straight forward manual method :slight_smile: