3.78 PHP mode : Apache mod_php as default !?


Thx to the 3.78 release, we can now choose the PHP exec mode.

Note: my websites were added before update.
So they should be in “classic cgi mode”, called “CGI wrapper (run as virtual server owner)” in the new settings.

But on all sites, it is “Apache mod_php (run as Apache’s user)” !!

Is it an update bug ? Or I don’t understand.




Actually, Virtualmin GPL used mod_php by default – if you wanted to use cgi or fcgid, you’d have needed to manually configure that.

So in Server Configuration -> Website Options, I’d expect to see it list “mod_php” there for the PHP execution mode… and you can change it to CGi or fcgid if you like.


In GPL < 3.78,
I thought it worked in cgi since the suexec method was used.

I was wrong? There was no security between websites ?

Eric, this brought to my mind an interesting question.
For those of us who use V-min(GPL) that have customized the php, by following the “how to”(/home/{user}/etc/php…), will the 3.78-1 update cause a conflict?

IIRC, this is the post that I followed to get the setup needed:


What I’d probably recommend doing, is setting up a test domain, or at least using one that’s not mission critical, and test switching it before trying the others.

I’m not quite sure how it’ll effect things, so best to try it first on a non-critical site :slight_smile:


Prior to 3.78, the GPL version used mod_php by default.

Unfortunately, mod_php is not able to utilize suexec. In order to gain the benefits of suexec and use cgi or fcgid, you’d have needed to set it up manually.

With 3.78, you can use Virtualmin GPL to change that now :slight_smile:


I can’t run an existing website in Fcgid, it shutdown the site.

When I’ll have time to check, I’ll try to find why. (for now, return to mod_php and it work).

Is there a way to set the default php execution mode to CGI so that the administrator does not need to to change it for every single virtual server?