2Factor for usermin

OS type and version: CentOs 8.5
Webmin version: 1.981
Usermin version: 1.823

Revisiting old topic. Was 2FA for Usermin already rolled out, about to be rolled out or did I miss it version wise and on old version? Or still in the pipeline to be integrated :smiley:


Yes, Usermin 1.830 has 2FA added.

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1.830 is not in the Virtualmin repos yet, I don’t think. I thought we were waiting on something there, but maybe I just missed the message telling me to roll it out.

Many thanks @Ilia. That reminded me of another problem I had with the repos. It wouldnt update. I have now sorted that and Usermin 1.830 got updated via Yum. I can confirm 2FA works as intended :smiley:

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