2FA for root login?

OS type and version Centos 7
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3
Related packages SUGGESTED

I see that Webmin supports Google Authenticator for usermin logins. Is there Google Authenticator support for root logins to the Webmin login as well? Or is there another best practice for locking down one’s Webmin interface login.

Usermin and Webmin support 2FA. It doesn’t matter what user.

Getting it to work on the quite ancient CentOS 7 may be challenging, though. It’s super easy on newer distros, though, as there are packages for the necessary perl modules (dnf install perl-Authen-OATH on Rocky/Alma/RHEL 8 or 9).

We’re trying to sort out making it work easily on CentOS 7, as well. For now, Webmin tries to install it with cpan, but that’s very fragile.

I’ve use it with centos 7 for a long time, can’t remember having issues doing it, has been a while so things may have changed. And because I only use from my PC I limit it to my IP (fixed IP thankfully).

Thanks for your reply, Joe. I will wait to see how things get sorted out with it on Centos 7.

I appreciate you clarifying for me that 2FA support is for both Usermin and Webmin.

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