2 Websites on 1 IP Address (dedicated Server)

I currently got 1 website hosted on my dedicated server. And I am using my domain register’s DNS (not name server’s).

I just added my second domain by going to Add Virtual Server under Virtualmin

Now I see 2 folders under /home/

My questions is, how do I set the DNS for my second website? Becuase currently my first domain is using Dynadot DNS (my domain register’s DNS)

If I do the same for my second domain, Dynadot DNS and point to same IP, wouldent there by 2 websites using same IP and same Dynadot DNS? How does that worK?

How would I host both of these on 1 server, I know its possible but I just dont know how,

Or do I use Namesevers for 1, and Dynadot DNS for the second.

Help :slight_smile:

You would use the same info for dns for that second domain.
Apache is based on name so it will know which website to serve to the surfer. In this manner there can be 1000’s of websites on the same IP