2 questions about virtualmin email and SSL renewal


  1. email: I have setup everything and using usermin I sent an email to a gmail account and it worked. In the contact form (using php and mail command) I also sending an email to the same gmail address, the postfix log shows no error and that the email was sent but I never receive it to gmail. Any idea what can be the problem?

  2. SSL renewal: I installed VirtualMin on my VPS, added letsencrypt and set it to renew every 2 months. So far so good.
    Is there an article about how to renew the SSL also for the tomcat server on that same VPS?
    In short: I want to know when the renewal happens and execute commands so tomcat will also know about this renewal.

The commands I ran for tomcat were:
certbot certonly --standalone -d foo.example.com
cd /etc/letsencrypt/live/yourdomain.com
openssl pkcs12 -export -out bundle.pfx -inkey privkey.pem -in cert.pem -certfile chain.pem -password pass:…


Any kind of help will be appreciated, if this is not the right forum, please direct me to the right one, thanks :slight_smile:

I admit that I feel kinda left out. My questions are too easy or too hard to answer? I’m a bit lost here…