2 domains to same home directory

**OS type and version:ububtu 20
**Webmin version:laters
**Virtualmin version:latest
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I have 2 domains on the server. Now I want to point both url:s to the same home directory. I thought I could do it by a change in Server Configuration/Change Domain Name but even if I change the home directory and save it still the old. What can I do wrong?

You must first undo the Change Domain Name operation and bring the virtual server to the original condition it was in.

So - you have two domains:

  1. Disable (or delete) the virtual server that uses the second domain so that it is free to be used again.
  2. create an alias in the first domain for the second domain.


You now have two domains / URLs pointing to the same directory.


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Ok but I want borh urls to be active and point to the same home directory

But me no buts.

You have stated your desired outcome quite clearly in both your posts and the method I have outlined & the link I have provided will enable you to do just that: both URLs will be active and point to the same directory.

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