2 different servers one Virtualmin installation???

Hi all,

i have maybe a stupid question.
I have two different servers -one small vps and one dedicated, in different hosts-. Can i manage both the servers from one Virtualmin installation in one of them or should i install Virtualmin in both of them???

P.S: i forgot to mention that i have two different domain names which i ll use for each one of the server.

Thanks in advance



You would need to install Virtualmin on both systems.

Virtualmin is used to manage one hosting server.

However, the Cloudmin software can be used to manage multiple Virtualmin instances… for example, you can log into Cloudmin, and have it perform package updates on all your servers.

However, that functionality isn’t available in Cloudmin GPL, only the Pro version.


Hi Eric

We have two Virtualmin Pro licenses, only one in production but maybe more in the future.
If we are going to use Cloudmin in our setup, what type of license do we then have to consider?

  • Tim Nielsen

You can use Cloudmin with your existing Virtualmin setups… so all you would need are one of the Cloudmin licenses available in the Shop:


Hi Eric

I might be blind or slow, but how should I read the license page.
Are the instances the same as virtualmin server, or is it virtual server on the specific virtualmin server?

  • Tim Nielsen

Hrm, I’m not sure if I understand your questions… but I’ll take a stab at it :slight_smile:

A “Cloudmin 10” means that Cloudmin can manage 10 VPS instances.

Those VPS instances can be running anything – Virtualmin GPL, Virtualmin Pro, or no Virtualmin at all… but it can manage up to 10 of those.

Cloudmin for Physical Systems can manage any number of servers. Rather than spinning up and shutting down VPS instances – the Physical Systems license is simply there to help you tie together multiple Virtualmin instances, providing a single place to manage everything. Instead of needing to log into each Virtualmin setup individually, you can manage it all from the one server that runs Cloudmin.

Does that by chance answer your question?


Hi Eric

So if we have two Virtualmin Pro licenses (currently active) we only need the small license “Cloudmin 10” because it can manage 10 instances of the Virtualmin Pro?
If we someday get 11 Virtualmin Pro servers, we need another 10 instances or upgrade to the next level?

  • Tim Nielsen

Well, what’s your goal – just to manage a set of existing Virtualmin Servers?

Or are you hoping to spin up, shut down, and otherwise manage VPS’s (that may be running Virtualmin)?

If you’re purely hoping to manage existing Virtual Servers – you may only need the cheaper “Cloudmin for Physical Systems”.

If you are hoping to manage VPS’s – then yeah, you can buy the Cloudmin 10 now. And at any point, you can upgrade that Cloudmin 10 to a Cloudmin 25.


Hi Eric

I might have been confusing the cluster option within Virtualmin with the Cloudmin plugin. :slight_smile:
I just wanted to gain the option to manage X Virtualmin servers within one interface, instead of logging on to each server to manage it, update, creating sites and so on.

  • Tim Nielsen