1 domainless IP and 2 services running on port 80

I don’t know if this is possible, but is there a way to run two services on port 80 with only 1 available IP address? Here’s the twist. I will not use a domain name for the IP.

I’m open to ANY suggestion.

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Do you think you could offer some more details as to what you had in mind, specifically?

You say “two services” – if you mean, Apache and SMTP, no, you couldn’t two different daemons on the same port. But if you want two different instances of Apache – while you couldn’t run those on the same port, you could always do something fancy with mod_rewrite and/or mod_proxy to redirect requests to the second Apache. From the browsers standpoint, something like that would look like there’s just one Apache service, though there’s really two.

Just some thoughts… have a good one,

is it not possible to run 1 apache on :80 and another one on :8080 ?

"domainless" is kind of an odd word to use here. Domains are just names…so all IPs are "domainless" and can be connected to without a domain. What the service on the other end does with the connection may or may not care about the domain name found inside the request.

But, to answer your question: Obviously not. Without a name, how would Apache know that you want one or the other? It can only ever serve whatever the first-best-match in the Apache virtual hosts configuration is.

However, I suspect you really don’t want what you’re asking for, at all. Nobody cares about IP addresses, and one registered zone could have millions of domain names within (host1.virtualmin.com, host2.virtualmin.com…host1000000.virtualmin.com, for example)…so why would you want to run “domainless”? So, perhaps you could explain what you want to do rather than how you think it ought to be implemented. :wink:

I’m sorry for the long delay. The question was asked but they didn’t give me the full details. It turns out that an SMS application is required by 2 teleco’s accessing a single IP, on the same port, and using different directories from each teleco.

I think my question goes beyond the scope of web hosting and administration.

Thank you all for replying!

I think my question goes beyond the scope of web hosting and administration.

But those are always the interesting ones! :wink:

Well, you said above that they’ll be accessing by IP address, not domain name, so assuming you can’t get them to use:




as the url’s they access (if you can, that’d be fairly easy to do what you want), the best I can offer is that if you know what IP address the request will be coming from, you may be able to use mod_rewrite (and perhaps mod_proxy).

You can have mod_rewrite test on the originating IP, and based on what IP it sees, you can have it access a particular directory.

Just some thoughts. Have a good one!